Service and Potpourri


In my chimerical spare time, I have created a few websites when they have been needed. Usually, I am associated with an organization or colleague that needs some help fixing a terrible website. I’ve now lent my support to four other people in the creating of various websites, webmastering, and logos for various academic organizations. Observe:


For reasons that not even I can make sense of, I keep trying to produce logos for people. These are my attempts as of 2017.

  • The logo for a group I co-founded, Social & Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology.
  • My APA Logo submissionProposal for APA Logo. Obviously, they chose a much better designer and a much better design.

  • Adjusted ISHPSSB Logo: My ISH Logo Modification (This one was designed by Andrew Yang, though I modified it from his submissions.)
  • My PAL (Philosophy, Arts, Literature) Logo Submission Duke Philosophy, Arts and Literature. This one was eventually rejected in favor of a much simpler logo.
  • ImbyThis was designed for a neuroscientist friend of mine’s side business: Infinite Monkey Business.