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Student Feedback: Graphical Representation

legendCourse Requirements were ClearInstructor AccessibilityInstructor EthusiasmIntellectual StimulationLearning to Analyze Ideas:ArgumentsLearning to Evaluate the Merits of IdeasMethods of Evaluation were FairParticipation EncouragedUnderstanding Fundamental Concepts










Student Feedback: Sample Written Comments

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First class ever: Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2011)
Logic (Spring 2012)
Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2012)

First Intro Class
Departmental Average Fall 2011 (Reference)
Humanities Average Fall 2011 (Reference)
Natural Sciences Average Fall 2011 (Reference)
Other Average Fall 2011 (Reference)
Social Sciences Fall 2011 (Reference)
Logic Class
Departmental Average Spring 2012 (Reference)
Humanities Average Spring 2012 (Reference)
Natural Sciences Spring 2012 (Reference)
Other Spring 2012 (Reference)
Social Sciences Spring 2012 (Reference)
Second Intro Class
Departmental Average Fall 2012 (Reference)
Humanities Average Fall 2012 (Reference)
Natural Sciences Fall 2012 (Reference)
Other Fall 2012 (Reference)
Social Sciences Fall 2012 (Reference)