Just for Fun

Despite the fact that I usually have very limited spare time, I have lots of hobbies and interests. Some of them leave tangible manifestations. Because this wouldn’t be a complete website of mine without them, I’ve included a few here:

  • This is academic regalia bingo, for your enjoyment during the less interesting university events.
  • This is an academic character sheet I did once.
  • This is a spot the fallacy game we host for every presidential election. It’s a great, inexpensive bit of community outreach.dukelogo
  • ⬅ This is an illustration I did for my co-adviser’s book. The book is available here.
  • This is me summarizing philosophical articles in haiku form (or whatever other poetic device seems appropriate).
  • Soon, I’ll include links to my myriad of other activities if there’s an online forum for them. These include spinning fire, drawing comics, writing microfiction/screenplays/novels, MMA, hiking, drinking mezcals, and designing a card game.